Important qualification date change for Furloughed employees

Today (15th April 2020) HMRC has announced another edition around the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Most are small clarifications however one that will make a big impact is that the qualifying date for employees has now been changed to the 19th March 2020 from the 28th February 2020 to bring it in line with when the initial announcement was made.

This is to ensure a large number of people do now qualify for the scheme who had previously been left with nothing.

To clarify this now means that you must have been working for your employer prior to the 19th March 2020 to now qualify. If you have been made redundant or let go due to previously not qualifying, get in touch with your employer as they can re-instate you and back date your furlough pay, however it would expected for there to be written evidence of prior employment to prevent companies taking advantage of the system with “ghost” employees.

Employers an still back date their claims to the 1st of March 2020.