Penalties, Waistcoats and Harry Kane Hugs…..we all have the World Cup bug!

It has united a nation and created a feeling of euphoria across the country.  It’s even got this rugby girl enthusiastic about a different shaped ball. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that football is on everyone’s mind this week.

Articles, like the one previously shared, really only hypothesize about England actually being successful and so preparations or an event policy at work hardly ever become a reality.

But win or lose, the nation will come to a halt on Wednesday night, and potentially again on Sunday, leaving us all to potentially deal with two mornings after!

If you’ve not done so already I would highly recommend you have a think about whether you can effectively deal with the inevitable sick days or are you going to come up with a strategy beforehand.  Losing a couple hours of productivity could prevent full work days being lost. It could also boost morale and work output of your staff.

Maybe you could open up two hours later, or have a company footie debrief breakfast before getting on with work?  You could try and offer incentives to make people think twice about calling in……..but whatever you do it needs to be fair.  There are many studies that show that employees believe being valued and treated fairly is more important than financial reward so be mindful that there may be those who won’t be watching so any incentives should be offered to all.

And let’s hope it’s coming home………..