What is a personal appraisal?

Designed to support self employed individuals or those heading up a start-up, the personal appraisal help you keep on track with your objectives and goals.

Being your own boss provides the opportunity for flexibility and freedom but there is also the chance to get off track.

Meeting as often or as little as you require, personal appraisals support your goals through SMART objectives helping to keep you accountable to you.  Talking through what you want to achieve and how you are going to get their can support your success.

"I met with Jessica without any agenda, but feeling quite lost with my business. Jessica really challenged my thought process and way of working to get me back on track to focusing on my business. Jess guided me through setting some targets and holding myself accountable for my progression! As a result of meeting with Jess I am now so much more focused, I am so grateful for having booked for a personal appraisal.. so much more helpful than I thought and so much more supportive than I thought i needed. I could not recommend Jess highly enough, thank you!"............. Hannah Silverstein 2017