How we do HR....

Jessica Freeman HR is providing a new approach to HR Consultancy in Small Businesses,Charities and individuals.  Based on a "pay as you go" scheme, after a free initial consultation, all projects are agreed based on the numbers of hours you can afford.

Your people are the most expensive outgoing, getting it right from the start can save you in the long run.  Making HR an affordable option will ensure that your business is not only legally compliant but can improve your employees commitment and engagement with your organisation.

What we've done before....

Jessica Freeman has worked in HR and Recruitment for nearly 20 years and has an MSc in HR Management.  Having worked in various areas including Music and Media Industries, Hospitality, Charity and Education sectors, HR solutions are based on a wide source of knowledge gained primarily in small and start-up businesses.

How can we help....

We can support any area of your business that involves people.

Recruitment and employment - from selection process through to employment and induction specialising in growth strategy

Employee relations - all areas required in getting the best from your employees based on current legislation and ACAS best practice

Contracts - all types of employment and freelancer contracts

Policy documents - giving clear, constructive guidance for all your employees

Graduate assessment - tailored assessment days to help you get the best upcoming talent

Record keeping - set-up for effective employee file maintenance and GDPR compliance

Well-being programmes - researching and recommending ideas that support your people both inside and outside of work

Benefits - from suggesting suppliers to creating employee engagement programs 

Health & Safety - advice on ensuring a safe environment for employees and critical incident plans should the worst happen

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation - FREE

Hourly rate       - Corporate rate negotiable

                          - £35 small business rate

- £25 for registered charities (or equivalent) and individuals including personal appraisals

Document fees     - between £25-£50 flat fee per document depending on document size and use